Friday, March 22, 2013

Homemade Vitamin Water Take Two

With fresh fruit locked and loaded I was ready to make some more, hopefully even tastier, vitamin water.

Having already done this before I was able to mix these up really quickly.
Top left: Black berries, Lime, Cucumbers
Bottom left: Strawberries, Oranges
Bottom right: Watermelon, Mint
Top right: Raspberries, Honey dew melon

This jar containing kiwi and strawberry obviously didn't stack well with the others.
On a real vitamin water high I also mixed up this mixture of pineapple and oranges. My husband loves these two citrus fruits so it seemed well worth a try.
I even made a mini drink containing kiwi and raspberry.

Waiting is really the tricky part.

Blackberries, Lime, & Cucumbers -bleh. no thanks. tasted too much like lime rind
Strawberries & Oranges -I may have let this one sit too long. afraid of the orange zest I just didn't bother :(
Watermelon & Mint - very light taste. extremely refreshing.
Raspberries & Honey dew melon - light. mostly tasted like honey dew
Kiwi & Raspberry - not too sweet. not too tart. totally enjoyable
Orange & Pineapple - tasted really strongly of orange, my husband is so used to "artificial" and "natural" flavoring added to drinks he thought the drink wasn't sweet enough

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